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fresh goat cheeses, blue, hulled and more ...

In the company laboratory, obtained from the old stables of this wonderful Tuscan farm, every day we transform the fresh goat milk, which our "girls" give us, into goat cheeses that smell of the territory.
For us, working with raw milk means precisely being able to offer a cheese that smells of Tuscany and that has the characteristic flavor of these hills.

The production methods of our small dairy look towards the north, towards the north of Italy and towards France. So we produce following the tradition of Italian cheeses and French cheeses.

We produce fresh or refined goats, with flowery rind, lactic coagulation, with fun and colorful geometries. But not only that, we also produce soft, washed rind tome like our “Il Rosso” cheese or Tomini with flowery rind and a splendid and soft goat ricotta like a cloud.

The work of the dairyman is a work in continuous evolution and it is a work of continuous study.

This is why we continue to get involved with new experiments and new refinements, because we really want to be able to have fun in our work and always offer a different taste to our customers.


The Fresco

Very fresh goat cheeses with purely lactic processing of the French type with raw milk and hand-kneaded, white or flavored. Very creamy and soft texture of the paste, characteristic sour taste and slightly citrus scents.


Light dairy product made from goat's milk whey only. Delicate and soft taste on the palate.

Excellent for fillings but also to eat with a drizzle of oil and pepper.

All days

Raw milk goat cheese, Toma-type rennet processing, aged for at least 30 days. Soft and compact paste with some holes in the structure, sweet and delicate flavor, thin and inedible rind. A cheese for every day and for all circumstances, to be tasted alone, accompanied by dried or fresh fruit, honey and jams, excellent for preparations in the kitchen.

La Cenerina

Goat cheese with a purely lactic processing of French raw milk, processed with a ladle. spicy notes.