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3 boys, 88 goats and a farm in the heart of Tuscany

In 2016 we landed in this large and ramshackle Tuscan farmhouse, nestled in the hills of Val d'Elsa, between Gambassi Terme and Castelfiorentino, where on days of clear sky, the gaze can reach beyond the beautiful medieval village of Certaldo, a few kilometers away, and get to admire the towers of San


Our goal is to produce a cheese

of the highest quality and that is why, in our

breeding, the goats of the Camosciata breed

Alps go to pasture regularly; to feed on

fresh grass, so as to give us a milk rich in

scents and flavors of the territory.

The production of cheese, within the

laboratory created in the company, has a look towards

beyond the Alps: bouche, fresh goats, smooth,

flavored, charcoal pyramids, crust tome


But the farm will not be just breeding

goats, cheese and dairy. We're taking it

care of some typical Tuscan products , such as the olive trees and the old vineyard, present on the farm land, in order to continue to evolve and enrich us, in the future, with new experiences and new products. Pleased to welcome you in the old barn of this Tuscan farmhouse, we will let you taste all our products and if you want we will talk to you about how agriculture can be a beautiful resource, sustainable for everyone.


Our love for animals and nature

Goats are tenacious, strong, combative, tremendously stubborn animals, a little like us, maybe that's why we fell madly in love with them during our university internship, while we were studying animal husbandry in Milan and we were thinking about how to create our life, the our company.

Goats are also animals that do not easily adapt to life in the stable, they are a bit anarchic, they need their freedom and also for this reason we have decided to be goat farmers.

For us, being breeders means, first of all, animal welfare and sustainability and therefore offering them the opportunity to go out, eat fresh grass, be able to bask in the sun, have their hair ruffled by the wind, do some gymnastics, then live a life worth living, as a perfect ruminant.

Animal welfare is not simply an abstract concept with which we can sell products, perhaps at a higher price, but it is our basic concept, because only in this way can we feel worthy of being called breeders and we are really proud to be able to hear ourselves called goatherds. !

Our farm is always open to all those who want to know our sustainable working method. We will introduce you to the goats of our farm, where animal welfare is the priority and we will show you the artisan laboratory for the processing of milk, where the production of goat cheese takes place. You can also taste our products in a beautiful barn that still retains the charm of the past.

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